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Why HP Printer is offline ? Get HP OFFLINE PRINTER ONLINE


Troubleshoot HP Printer Offline Status on Windows

A “printer offline” status on Windows suggests that the system failed to communicate with the connected printer. That can happen due to errors in connection, poor configurations, faulty drivers, or if there are plenty of print jobs pending in the print queue. Regardless, you will not be able to take printouts unless you turn the printer online. Many people complain that their printer keeps going offline on Windows 10, and that can be due to many causes; so you have to start troubleshooting the error from scratch.

Make sure “hp printer” is connected properly


 Change HP printer’s status from “offline” to “online”


Print spooler or any other printer problems caused by a Windows 10 update or upgrade Find and contact customer support and services for HP Printers, download drivers, diagnostic tools, manuals and troubleshooting info for your HP printer,

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